“First, catch your hare.”

What we eat makes us who we are — where, how, why, and with whom we eat it shows our tastes and traditions, our culture and character. We are what we eat, obviously. And yet we’re also much, much more.

So too, our food. In her eighteenth-century kitchen guide, The Art of Cookery made Plain and Easy, Hannah Glasse begins her recipe for roast hare not with oven presets or cooking times (of course), but at its natural start: an uncaught rabbit. Our food has lives as rich as ours. They may end on the plate, but they never begin there. Far, far from it. Behind the labels, packaging, recipes, menus, Instagrams, advertisements, diets, and trends that cloud our food are stories rich with meaning, pulsing with spirit all their own.

At Grow Forth, we give our food a voice.

Welcome to Grow Forth, a fresh look at the people and places, tastes and traditions of local food.

Our work tells the full story of our food, from the seed to our plates, through three narrative tracks: Farm, Food, and Family. Farm stories start at the source: the earth itself. Look here for the history of a local heirloom tomato, say, or an introduction to a rare breed of pig. Food covers recipes: Pickling advice for an over-abundance of daikon, lessons in farm-fresh kids’ snacks. And if those take care of ingredients and preparation, Family is the serving forth, culturally oriented pieces about living on, with, and for local food.

We’re launching with the proud sponsorship of the Spice Companies, and our first stories will use their restaurant, catering company, and especially their farm, as inspiration, recipe sources, and subjects. Stay tuned for future sponsors!

So grab a plate, and tie on an apron, because our kitchen is yours too. Join our adventures and create your own. Our goal is to inspire and educate, helping everyone enjoy fresh, wholesome food, whether your farm is an acre, a windowsill, or only a dream.